VideoWeek Podcast #2, Tom Rogers, Captify

Experience and expertise particularly come to the fore at a time of crisis, and few people in the industry possess those attributes more than Tom Rogers, who changed the TV and cable landscape over the course of his career. Prior to becoming Chairman of Captify, Rogers lead the on-demand TV revolution as CEO of TV, was CEO of Primedia, then the US’s largest targeted media company, and as President of NBC Universal Cable he brought together the cable and broadcast business, where he was instrumental in founding CNBC, MSNBC, The National Geographic Channel and many others. In recognition of his achievements, Rogers has picked up Emmy Awards for advanced TV and the development of advanced TV advertising, as well as being inducted into various industry halls of fame.

In this episode, Rogers joins Vincent Flood, VAN’s Editor-in-Chief, to discuss leadership during recessions, the launch of Quibi, and the challenges ahead for the TV and advertising industry.

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