Teads Offers Advertisers to Only Pay for 100 Percent Viewable Ads

TeadsOutstream specialist Teads announced today that it is offering advertisers 100 percent viewability on their campaigns, based on the advertisers’ own specifications for how much of the ad must be watched. The company says advertisers can measure the total viewable exposure time of each ad impression, and will be able to transact based on custom duration requirements, via a new partnership with Oracle’s analytics platform Moat.

Teads supports two viewability based currencies which advertisers can use for ad buys – VCPM (viewable cost per mille, or cost per thousand impressions) and CPCV (cost per completed view). The company says buyers transacting on these metrics can now choose a custom billing point of viewability – meaning they can choose to only pay when the entire ad is seen, or when the first five seconds of the ad is seen, or any other duration as appropriate. These viewability rates will be verified by Moat, and any impressions which don’t meet these requirements will be offered as  free media.

Teads says it will also report all KPIs (key performance indicators) for each level of ad duration advertisers choose, to help them understand which rates perform best when weighed against their cost.

Bertrand Quesada, CEO at Teads, says the integration is designed to meet the buy-side’s requirements for greater control over viewability. “Advertisers need innovative pricing models to transact on viewability. We are taking the lead on this front because it doesn’t make sense for buyers to have to pay for non-viewable impressions,” he said. “With the combination of our unique pricing models, Teads AI, and our new Moat integration, we are empowering advertisers with information on exactly what they are paying for, in a cost-effective manner.”

There certainly seems to be an appetite for higher standards of viewability. The Media Ratings Council (MRC) recently proposed a new 100 percent viewability standard for video advertising, requiring that 100 percent of a video ad’s pixels have to be in view to be classed as viewable, well about the current standard of 50 percent of an ad’s pixels. Sportswear brand ASICS North America’s senior marketing manager Philip Bryant said he expects 100 percent viewable offerings like Teads’ ” should guarantee an even greater level of performance for our campaigns.”

The ability to create custom viewability requirements should also let advertisers tailor their buys to specific creatives. An advertiser could, for example, ensure its core message is delivered within the first ten seconds of a video ad, and therefore sets its duration requirement to ten seconds. For a different ad where the message is conveyed in the first five seconds, they could instead set the viewability requirement to five seconds, and so on.

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