Dataxu Launches New Advanced TV Marketplace

Programmatic marketing software maker Dataxu today announced the launch of a new advanced TV marketplace, TotalTV Marketplace. Dataxu says the new marketplace, accessible via its TouchPoint demand-side platform (DSP), currently reaches 40 million unique connected TV households in North America each month.

Connected TV has been a growing part of Dataxu’s business recently, with CTV inventory supply growing by 1,259 percent between Q4 2017 and Q4 2018, and the company is now looking to expand on this with the launch of the new marketplace. Dataxu says buyers can reach over 50 publishers and 700 apps in the marketplace across linear, connected and addressable TV.

Chief innovation officer Sandro Catanzaro said that Dataxu hopes the new offering will help connect up a fragmented advanced TV inventory pool. “TV advertising remains one of the most powerful ways to reach consumers, no question,” said Catanzaro. “But the current fragmented landscape poses a new challenge to marketers looking to reach specific audiences wherever they view.”

The company is also introducing new ‘inventory packages’ of advanced TV ad space, which it says will group together similar inventory into themed bundles which buyers can choose from. Dataxu lists some examples of inventory packages as:

  • Long Form CTV: Long form, full episode TV content, including traditional linear TV shows and movies from television networks as well as digital-based content providers. This package includes both live and video-on-demand (VOD) content.
  • Mobile and Desktop FEP: Full episode content streamed on desktop and mobile devices.
  • Live TV: All livestreaming TV content on CTV, mobile and desktop devices.
  • Sports: All sports content, live and VOD, on CTV, mobile, and desktop devices.
  • Short Form CTV: Short form content that runs on Connected Television devices. Short form CTV content includes sports highlights, recipe clips, music videos, news briefs and more.

The launch comes at a time when a number of ad tech companies ramping up investment in CTV. The Trade Desk, one of ad tech’s big success stories in recent years, said that CTV sales were “measurably helping the business” in its most recent financial results. And Telaria CEO Mark Zagorski just earlier this week said CTV sales growth was key to driving revenue gains of 26 percent, with CTV inventory now accounting for a third of overall revenue.

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