Are Ads.txt, Brand Safety and GDPR Fuelling a Premium Revolution?

The online video landscape has undoubtedly changed since its early ‘wild west’ days, and even just over the past year we’ve seen several initiatives and trends which have been touted to help clean up digital advertising: ads.txt, brand safety and GDPR. But how big of an impact have these things really had on driving ad spend towards the more honest players in video? In this frank panel discussion Precise TV’s Christian Dankl, AppNexus’ Nigel Gilbert, Publicis Media’s Roli Okoro and Sky’s Adam Johnston assess the impact these three things have really had. Filmed at New Video Frontiers 2018 in London.

Below is a selection of highlights, the full session can be found here.

Moderator: Tim Cross, Reporter, Video Ad News
Christian Dankl, Co-Founder and Chairman, Precise TV
Nigel Gilbert, Chief Market Strategist, EMEA, AppNexus
Roli Okoro, Head of Precision Strategy EMEA, Publicis Media
Adam Johnston, Head of Advertising Technology, Sky

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