Why 2018 Will Be a Pivotal Year for Dynamic Ad Replacement

Videology announced a partnership early last month with server-side dynamic ad insertion specialists Yospace, designed to provide an end-to-end addressable TV advertising solution. Here Yospace CEO Tim Sewell and Videology SVP Enterprise Solutions John Tigg explain how server-side dynamic ad insertion works and how it can fit into existing trading deals, as well as the future of TV advertising regulations.

What problem does Yospace solve for broadcasters?  Could you explain how server-side dynamic ad insertion (DAI) works?

Tim Sewell, Yospace: Yospace’s platform enables fully personalised server-side dynamic ad insertion into IP-delivered live and VOD streams.  In the case of linear simulcast, broadcasters are unlocking completely new inventory that’s both addressable and measurable. Yospace open up this advertising in a way that is frame-accurate and seamless, with no buffering or disruptions, so the viewer enjoys a true TV-like viewing experience.  By combining this technology with the DSP and SSP functionality of providers like Videology, broadcasters and advertisers are able to “supercharge” the value of their inventory through one-to- one addressability, and apply real-time ad tracking.

How are Videology partnering with Yospace and what does it enable you to offer that you couldn’t before?

John Tigg, Videology: Bringing both addressability and programmatic monetisation to live streamed television advertising has, until now, been extremely challenging for broadcasters. Videology’s partnership with Yospace not only allows broadcasters to leverage Yospace’s market leading server side DAI platform, but it allows them to do so in a way that solves some key issues that are specific to the broadcast environment. Namely, Videology’s unique capabilities in how to fill a full ad break using a combination of direct sold and/or multiple programmatically delivered campaigns whilst adhering to broadcast clash and compliance rules. For the first time, Videology and Yospace can provide this to broadcasters with a flawless viewer experience.

How do DAI campaigns fit into existing trading deals between advertisers and broadcasters?

John Tigg, Videology: DAI campaigns are playing an increasingly important role in trading deals between agencies and broadcasters. Due to the way that live streamed ad impressions are measured and sold, using digital metrics rather than ratings, DAI typically sits outside of a traditional TV deal. However, the increase in scale coupled with the augmented opportunity around attribution provided by television-over- IP means is we are seeing the buy side move from experimenting with this new medium to committing significant budgets to it. 2018 will be a pivotal year for dynamic ad replacement.

Is the TV industry playing on a level playing field with their digital advertising competitors when it comes to regulatory compliance? Do you think we’re likely to see digital advertising become more heavily regulated or will TV regulations become more relaxed?

Tim Sewell, Yospace: Despite the threat from online digital advertising platforms, the appeal of TV to advertisers remains solid, especially in the case of linear viewing which offers mass concurrent reach that is not matched anywhere else.  As consumption of high quality TV content continues to shift to OTT platforms the focus on regulatory compliance is a unique differentiator for broadcasters compared to their digital competitors. Broadcasters will continue to deliver a safe and trusted environment in which an advertiser is able to access high velocity views on broadcast quality creative.  That level of premium exposure is simply not matched anywhere else.

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