YouTube’s Original Content Strategy Expands To Europe

YouTube’s Chief Business Officer Robert Kyncl announced in his keynote speech at DMEXCO that YouTube is developing its first European ad-supported original programme, a football themed show called ‘Training Days’. The new series will be released in the run-up to the FIFA World Cup next year, and is part of YouTube’s current push to commission premium ad-supported original content.

“This is our first venture working with European partners to develop premium ad supported programming for both global and local audiences,” Mr Kyncl told the crowd. “We want to help partners to create groundbreaking stories and formats, and expose them to a billion-and-a-half strong audience.” ‘Training Days’ is not only being produced in Europe, but is aimed to attract European audiences, with Robert Kyncl stating that he expects “massive demand amongst the current world champions here in Germany”.

YouTube announced its plans for original content earlier this year at its Brandcast event in New York, with household names including Ellen Degeneres, Kevin Hart and Ryan Seacrest signed on to help launch the initiative. YouTube has seen some significant success with its celebrity partnerships. A live celebration of singer Katy Perry’s album earlier this year drew 50 million views from over 190 countries. The same strategy is being used in Europe; ‘Training Days’ will star “some of the biggest talents in the game”, and will be produced by British entertainer James Corden’s production company, Fulwell 73.

There were hints that there are plans for expansion beyond Europe, too. Mr. Kyncl explained that he wants to bring the same opportunities offered to American creators not only to Europeans, but to talents “throughout the world”. However, no mention was made of where YouTube might look to for the next expansion of its original content.

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