New Forms of Data are Allowing TV Industry to Offer more Accurate Audience Guarantees

Whilst TV advertising’s success is most typically attributed to the combination of sight, sound and motion, or to its mass scale and reach, one of the more overlooked aspects have been the audience guarantees the industry offers advertisers i.e. if you don’t hit your audience, you don’t pay for it. This has served both the buy-side and the sell-side well over the years, and some were worried that the age of addressable advertising would upset the TV apple cart. However, Comcast, for example, are simply using data to enhance the existing TV trading model, so advertisers still get guarantees on audience, but just more accurate that the ones they got with panel-based measurement. Here Denise Colella, VP for Advanced Advertising Products and Strategy at NBCUniversal, provides an overview of NBCUniversal’s ambitious offering.










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