Brand Safety on YouTube is Achievable says OpenSlate’s Mike Henry

Whilst 2017 has been a horrible for YouTube when it comes to brand safety, one of the main beneficiaries of the furore has been OpenSlate, a company that specialises in using data to inform buys across YouTube to both enhance brand safety and boost contextual targeting. This year has been much kinder to OpenSlate, who raised $7 million in May and announced two high profile hires, with COO JoAnna Foyle, formerly SVP of Enterprise Platform Services at AOL, moving over, alongside Brian Quinn, formerly Chief Revenue and Innovation officer at Triad Retail Media (acquired by WPP last October), who is now President of OpenSlate. Here Mike Henry, CEO of OpenSlate, discusses how the product works and how buyers can buy with confidence on YouTube with the right safeguards are in place.

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