OTT Company Falcon Media House Starts Trading on London Stock Exchange

Falcon MediaFalcon Media House, a company focused on the over-the-top (‘OTT’) video streaming market, started trading on the London Stock Exchange’s (‘LSE’) today under the ticker ‘FAL’. The initial offering was a modest one, with the company raising £4 million through a placing of ordinary shares for 25p each.

Falcon Media House say the new funds will be used to transform Falcon into a leading OTT broadcast media company based around ‘Q-Flow’, the company’s software that helps prevent the frequent loss of signal or ‘buffering’ that currently affects the OTT video streaming market. The company licenses Q-Flow to network providers, but the company has ambitions to go far beyond that and Falcon aim to become “a vertically integrated OTT business covering technology, distribution and content”.

On the tech side, the company already holds contracts for Q-Flow signed with major international groups including Tata Communications and Frontline. On the distribution side, Falcon has a Direct-to-Consumer (‘D2C’) branded OTT TV service that delivers live and video-on-demand sports content that focuses mainly on sports and sports lifestyle programming. For content, Falcon operates a media and production studio company that has secured unique content including Eastern College Athletic Conference (‘ECAC’), the largest US east coast sports college franchise which sponsors over 30 men and women’s varsity sports.

Falcon Director, Gert Rieder, said, “The OTT market has ushered in a broadcasting revolution that has irrevocably transformed the way that millions of people across the globe choose, access and watch multimedia content. Yet until now, achieving seamless streaming has evaded even the largest providers in this explosive market. Through our patented Q-Flow technology, Falcon has the capability to deliver an unrivalled, buffer-free viewing experience to a more demanding audience.

“With Q-Flow forming the foundation of our development strategy, we have built a global broadcasting group with the potential to deliver across the core areas of the OTT market: seamless streaming, direct distribution, and compelling content. We believe that our Teevee D2C network can be the ‘Netflix for Sports’, powered by Q-Flow and partnered with Teevee Makers, our media and production studio company. With deals already in place for Q-Flow with the likes of Tata, the world’s largest global network, and Teevee Makers with the likes of the ECAC, these agreements underpin the ambition of Falcon Media House and secure us rich content, scale and reach.


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