Havas to Train Up 19,000 Agency Staff on Programmatic Advertising

For those who have been working in the programmatic space for many years now, it is sometimes hard to understand how so many people working in media and advertising still don’t understand the importance of data-driven advertising. But the reality is that it’s hard for those who don’t deal with it every day to break through the arcane language and the range of confusing acronyms. However, Havas recently launched one of the most ambitious education programmes the industry has ever seen. ‘Havas University’ will see 10,000 of the agency’s employees around the world schooled on programmatic advertising and the depth of the training will vary depending on the person’s role. Here Sebastien Robin, Global Programmatic Director, discusses how the programme will work and how Havas continue to need to use multiple DSPs, united by the agency’s meta DSP.

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