Pushing a 118 Year Old Media Company towards Programmatic TV

Gearing up a ‘legacy’ media business for programmatic advertising is difficult enough even when the company’s focus is relatively narrow — a news publisher for example. Throw in a TV business, an ISP and 118 years of history, and things become even more complicated. This is the challenge for Cox, who generate $18 billion in revenue each year (just to put that into perspective – that’s just slightly more than the $17.93 billion Facebook generated last year). One of the key people heading up that process is Scott Siegler, SVP of Engineering and West Coast Operations, and here he discusses how the company are going about uniting their exceptionally diverse range of data assets, media and sales processes. Filmed at TV Rise in San Sebastian as part of TV Week, which is sponsored by IPONWEB.

New Video Frontiers, Video & TV Advertising’s Global Gathering, 19-20th October 2016


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TVTV Week 2016