ProSieben’s Glomex Wants to Bring Premium Video to the Long Tail

One of the industry’s largest barriers to the growth of video advertising has been the belief that publishers have to create all of their own content in-house. Whilst it’s just about economically viable for written editorial (and certainly not always) – it’s considerably more difficult to get a return on premium video which is more expensive to produce. Video syndication is the answer, and we’re increasingly seeing those services being rolled out as self-serve platforms, so now syndicators can also sell to publishers on the mid to long tail. The most recent of these platforms is Glomex, a new start-up that is owned by German broadcasting giant ProSieben but remains completely independent. Here Michael Jaschke, Glomex’s founder and CEO, explains to VAN how the media exchange will work and how his company want to bring video to ‘the 70 percent of the web that isn’t Google and Facebook’.

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