The WiR: Google Launches ‘Player for Publishers’, Adblock Plus Launch an Exchange, New EU Copyright Rules Could Transform Social Video Platforms

In this week’s Week in Review: Adblock Plus launch an exchange, to mixed reviews, Time Warner announces funding for You.i TV and EU regulation changes trigger significant fall out. To receive a weekly summary of industry news and other VAN interviews and videos, sign up to the weekly Video Round-Up.

Google Releases Tailored YouTube ‘Player for Publishers’
Google has unveiled YouTube Player for Publishers, a new video offering specifically tailored to the news industry. It’s designed to give audiences better viewing experiences, while offering publishers more options to monetise their content. Early reports suggest that publishers will have control over the number of pre-roll ads that appear before their videos, and news outlets will have the option for one pre-roll ad per video view as well as mid-roll ads on long-form content on their owned-and-operated sites and apps. The tool has been launched in the same week that European authorities have announced plans to reform copyright laws, which could mean Google and similar sites would be forced to pay newspaper publishers a fee when using extracts or snippets of their stories.

Adblock Plus Launch Exchange
Adblock Plus is launching an exchange that will allow publishers to insert what it deems “acceptable ads” on their websites and advertisers to bid for the space, the “Acceptable Ads Platform.” However, although the initial Adblock Plus’ announcement implied Google and independent ad tech company AppNexus would supply the ads within the platform, neither company says they knew anything about it. AppNexus and Google have since gone on to suspend their relationships with the ad tech firm, ComboTag, that made the partnership claim.

EU Reforms to Threaten Copyright Legal Protection
Major players such as YouTube face an uncertain future in Europe under a proposed shake-up of legal protections afforded to video hosting websites which would see it given greater responsibility for identifying and blocking copyrighted content. The change would make it easier for content owners to challenge hosting firms in court and require the likes of YouTube, Facebook and Twitter to proactively identify copyrighted material instead of assessing requests on a case-by-case basis after being notified by rights holders.

YouTube Launches Social Network, YouTube Community
Confirming earlier reports that YouTube was planning to introduce more social networking features, the company has announced the launch of YouTube Community, which allows video creators to better engage viewers using text, GIFs, images and more. YouTube has been testing the new service over the past several months with a handful of creators in order to gain feedback. It’s now launching the service into public beta with this group of early testers, and will make it available to a wider group of creators in the “months ahead,” it says.



Snapchat Improve Ad Targeting
Snapchat has responded to advertisers’ call for more relevancy by rolling out three new ad targeting products, reports The Wall Street Journal. The first, Snap Audience Match, will allow marketers to match their first-party data anonymously with Snapchat user data. Consumers can opt out of this product. Snapchat Lifestyle Categories will allow brands to target people who consume certain categories of video on Snapchat, and Lookalikes will allow advertisers to target Snapchat users with similar behaviours as their audience.

Ooyala Hails Rise of Mid-roll Ads
The use of mid-roll ads is growing significantly, according to a new report by Ooyala. Viewers are used to mid roll ads from watching traditional TV and less likely to turn off as they’re already invested in the content. Use of mid-roll ads increased 24 per cent between February 2015 and April 2016 to to be a third of all ads used, whilst pre-roll ad usage decreased.

Google Leak Unveils New Chromecast, Pixel Smartphone, Home And Daydream VR Details
Google will reportedly be announcing some heavily anticipated devices this October, according to a source with Android Police. The source told the publication the tech giant will host an event on October 4th where it will reveal new “Pixel” smartphones and a new version of the Chromecast as well as highlighting its Google Home and Daydream VR viewer products.

Weber Shandwick Acquires Mobile and Digital Firm Flipside
Weber Shandwick has acquired UK-based mobile and digital agency Flipside. The deal, which closed at the end of August, combines Flipside’s mobile platform expertise, creative, and technical services with Weber’s global capabilities in social media, brand publishing, and integrated media.

Great British Bake Off to Leave BBC
Channel 4 has become the new home of The Great British Bake after talks to renew the contract with the makers of the show and the BBC broke down. The current series will be the last broadcast by the corporation. The BBC has said it hoped Love Productions would change their mind so that “Bake Off can stay ad free on BBC One.” Presenters Sue Perkins and Mel Giedroyc are said to have quit in protest.

‘Tipping Point’ Reached in 2016 as Millennials Shift to Online Media
This year has witnessed a “tipping” point in media consumption, in which digital has overtaken traditional forms, a new report has found. IPA Touchpoints suggested we are becoming “superhuman information absorbers”, with half of our waking hours now spent consuming media or online information. The digital tipping point – meaning we are now spending more time with digital than traditional media – is being led by millennials, the IPA said.

City AM’s Ad-blocker Ban Extends to Brand Content
London business newspaper City AM is applying the same full on ad-blocking rules to its brand content as to its editorial. The publisher’s tent product, “City Talk” lets advertisers publish directly via the editorial content-management system and is therefore treated the same way as journalists’ content by the ad-blocking technology.

Brexit Vote Slows But Doesn’t Halt Ad Market Growth
UK adspend is expected to grow by 5.4 per cent this year, down slightly from the 5.6% forecast before the EU referendum vote, according to Zenith’s latest figures. Whilst the impact of Brexit has not been as catastrophic as anticipated, the 5.4 per cent is almost half that of 2015, when UK adspend was up 9.2 per cent – the strongest year for the UK ad market in 11 years. In the long-term, Zenith says we should expect a slowdown in both economic growth and growth in ad expenditure.  In the short-term, uncertainty around the consequences of the vote is expected to make companies less likely to invest in new products, and consumers less likely to take on big spending commitments.

Global ad spend is projected to grow by 4.4 per cent in 2016.

92 Per Cent Say Online Video Ads Need Improvement
92 per cent of European consumers agree that changes need to be made to current online video advertising in order to improve the viewer experience, according to a survey of 4,000 consumers in the UK, France and Germany, commissioned by Brightcove. Consumers cited irrelevancy, volume and poor delivery as the main issues, with two thirds choosing to stop watching their selected content as a result.


Video 80 Per Cent of Internet Traffic by 2020
Internet video will account for 80 per cent of total consumer Internet traffic by 2019, compared to 64 per cent currently, according to a report on audio-visual services in the digital era by Rome based think tank, i-Com.

Razer to Invest $30 Million in Games, Tech, and VR
Razer reportedly wants to use some of the cash in its bank account to get in early on the next big tech breakthrough. The gaming-equipment manufacturer has announced the launch of zVentures, a new wing of Razer that will invest up to $30 million in startups working in fields like virtual reality, Android gaming, robotics, the internet of things (IoT), and big data. This is different from the OSVR Fund that Razer is heavily involved with and works on offering platform-agnostic VR games.

Fyber Expands Video SSP with Fyber Deals Library
Fyber has extended its programmatic offering by releasing the Fyber Deals Library, which is a catalog of Deal IDs it claims will help publishers find inventory more easily and simplify deal implementation.

TVTY Secures $6.7m Funding 
TVTY, the Moment Marketing company, has raised $6.7M (€6M) to fund further expansion of the business. The cash will be used to double TVTY’s Research & Development team; increase its customer success teams across the UK, US and France; and accelerate growth across the globe.

Ofcom TV Chief Out
The ‘enforcer’ of TV quality and standards at regulator Ofcom is to leave after just five months. Former Economist editor Bill Emmott was told by Ofcom that writing or speaking about national or international public policy matters would be at odds with his role as chair of its content board. However, the journalist was continuing to write more than the regulator had expected and they were concerned that his articles could be used as evidence of bias or a conflict of interest in a future court case.

Twitter Releases Streaming Apps for Apple, Fire and Xbox
Twitter is making it easier to watch video from its live streaming partners with new apps for Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV and Microsoft’s Xbox One. The applications will also showcase popular tweets, as well as top videos on the company’s live-streaming application, Periscope, and its short-video app, Vine.

Music Pirates Find Treasure on YouTube
Almost half of young people are illegally copying songs off streaming websites such as YouTube. Younger fans are increasingly using apps and websites to “rip” songs illegally from streaming sites and download them, according to the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI). It found that 49 per cent of 16 to 24-year-olds used “stream-ripping”, up from 41 per cent last year.

A Third “Dump” Show if Difficult or Costly to Watch
A survey of pay-TV and OTT service subscribers in the US, Europe and Asia by TiVo has
revealed that while consumers continue to consume significant hours of entertainment content daily, their viewership is becoming potentially more transient. Many viewers engage in “show dumping” – giving up on shows they love because it became too difficult and/or costly to access them.

Liberty Global to Offer Netflix
International cable TV and broadband company Liberty Global has agreed a multi-year partnership with Netflix which will lead to Netflix’s content being made available to Liberty Global video customers across more than 30 countries around the world.

Yle Areena for Apple TV
Yle is expanding the viewing options for Yle Areena with the Yle Areena app for Apple TV devices. The new app is free of charge can be installed from the app store used via an Apple TV device.

Vodafone Plans Soft Launch for Pay-TV Service
Vodafone is putting the final touches to its heavily delayed pay-TV service for the UK. The mobile giant is working towards an initial “soft” launch of its set-top box next month, sources told the Telegraph. Vodafone first planned to launch a pay-TV service last November, but has been forced to push back the plans multiple times since then.

Amazon Makes a Play For Sports
Amazon is vying for video rights on a “wide range” of sports with global appeal, from French Open tennis to golf to car racing, according to Bloomberg.

Partnerships of the Week:

Tubemogul Partners With Factual to Shake-up Location-based Advertising
Tubemogul is partnering with mobile location data company Factual to offer advertisers deterministic targeting beyond walled gardens. Factual’s Geopulse Proximity and Geopulse Audience tools, will now be available within Tubemogul’s software platform, giving marketers access to a complete suite of location-based targeting tactics. Users can create highly customised geo-fences, or location-based audiences and then apply that targeting to their video campaigns executed on TubeMogul.

LeCloud and Cisco partner
Cisco is teaming up with LeCloud to drive the development of Digital Rights Management (DRM) through its VideoGuard Everywhere DRM solution. The two companies have built a DRM cloud platform that makes cloud services global and are are working together to promote the disruptive transformation of DRM business models in the global video cloud service ecosystem.


Ad of the Week: #WeTrumpHate, Various

A future “where minorities are the majority,” people build more bridges than walls and education beats incarceration, a not-too-distant future where addiction is seen as a “crisis and not a crime” and where prisons are for killers—”not for tokers.”

That’s the world a group of young creatives wants to paint with a video in support of Hillary Clinton. The video was created by staff members of the production company M ss ng P eces; Lucy Alibar, the co-writer of the Oscar-nominated film Beasts of the Southern Wild; and a few others. Less than two months before the US election, it sent a shiver down our spines this week.

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