Teads Acquires Creative Optimization Company Brainient

TeadsTeads, a video ad tech company that specialises in outstream video advertising, announced today that they acquired Brainient, a creative studio for video advertisers. Brainient is headquartered in London but the company is in many respects Romanian, having been founded by Romanian entrepreneur Emi Gal and built by a team of engineers based in Bucharest.

In the early days Brainient tended to focus on the more innovative and fun side of video advertising, and were often amongst the first to experiment with new innovations like shoppable video or the hand gestured ads using the Xbox’s Kinect functionality. However, the latest iteration of the platform was more sophisticated and designed for more scaled campaigns, and streamlines the creative process so it’s relatively easy for users to create multiple versions of a given creative. Advertisers can then serve ads to users to match the profile of the user, so a user might see a different ad depending on their demographic, location, the type of screen used or weather.

Teads claimed in a statement that YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat do not currently support interactive videos across their video ad offerings, and other video exchanges are struggling to ensure that interactive video ads created using various technology partners can run consistently across devices, screen sizes, and orientation modes without major discrepancies.

Brainient will be rebranded as Teads Studio and will run as an independent business unit within Teads. Emi Gal, founder & CEO of Brainient will join Teads as CEO of Teads Studio and will head up those efforts based out of New York.


Technology for Advertising

Pierre Chappaz, Executive Chairman, Teads, commented, “Teads stands for technology for advertising. We invented outstream video formats back in 2012, and this has been a revolution for video advertising. Our technology is always ahead of the pack as we have been first to introduce vertical, square, 360° and live video outstream formats. With the adjunction of Brainient DCO technology, we will now introduce the next generation of video ads, ads that are more interactive, personalized and more carefully targeted. We will offer Teads Studio to programmatic buyers so they can deliver on the promise to individualize ads for each and every user, and this will be another revolution.”

Emi Gal, Founder and CEO of Brainient, said, “I am extremely excited for myself and the Brainient team to join the leading and most innovative video advertising marketplace in the world. With Teads, we will be able to scale up our operations globally and offer our technology to the widest variety of clients. The combination of our DCO technology with Teads’ unique global distribution capabilities will create the leading interactive video advertising company in the world. I couldn’t have hoped for a better company to become a part of.”

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