Video Tech Company Kaltura Raise $50 Million in Advance of Planned IPO

kaltura_logoKaltura, an Israeli video technology provider, has secured $50 million in pre-IPO funding from Goldman Sachs’ Private Capital Investing group. Kaltura say they will use the additional capital to extend their international footprint and to further develop their suite of products. Kaltura offers an array of video solutions including OTT TV (over the top TV), OVP (online video platform), EdVP (education video platform) and EVP (enterprise video platform).

“Video is booming. It is the favorite data type for communication, collaboration, teaching & learning, marketing, and entertainment. Kaltura is in a unique position to capitalize on this huge market opportunity since it provides the broadest set of video products and capabilities to customers across all industries” said Ron Yekutiel, Kaltura Chairman and CEO. “We are excited to be working with Goldman Sachs as we continue our journey to ‘videofy’ companies and organisations all around the worl

While this graph below doesn’t compare apples with apples, it’s interesting to see a breakdown of how video is being distributed on the open web (the graph doesn’t factor in walled gardens like Facebook and Snapchat). While Kaltura owns a relatively small slice of the highly competitive media market, it’s doing well in some interesting areas. For example, company has been rated as one of the market’s strongest by Forrester, particularly for its enterprise video products (where video is used internally) and webcasting.

Market ShareSource: Datanyze  (based on an analysis of the top one million websites on Alexa)

“Kaltura has developed market-leading technology with a flexible architecture that stands out to us as a strong and sustainable advantage,” said Hillel Moerman, Co-Head of Goldman Sachs’ Private Capital Investing group. “Kaltura has an impressive roster of marquee customers across a large and diversified set of markets and an experienced management team that has demonstrated excellence, agility, and leadership.”

One of the reasons Kaltura will is working towards its IPO is undoubtedly the fact that their competitors at Brightcove have enjoyed a great year in the public markets, having doubled their market cap in the last 12 months. Today the company is valued at just over $402 million:



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