Global Publisher Focus: How TF1 is Using Ad Stitching, Programmatic and Innovative Pricing as Part of Its Euro 2016 Strategy

Global Publisher FocusOne of the big themes in video advertising this year has been the rise of live streaming. However, serving ads into linear streams provide a number of technical challenges to publishers and broadcasters, especially when it comes to things like latency. One solution that has been gaining traction is server side ad insertion (SSAI), also known as ‘ad stitching’, where the ad is inserted into content on the back end, so the end user receives a single unified stream. This technique reduces latency and fools the ad-blockers, who can no longer distinguish between the ads and the content.

Ad stitching it going to be used next month by France’s largest broadcaster, TF1, who have the exclusive rights for France to the coverage of next month’s European Championships, to which France will be playing host. Here Philippe Boscher, Head of Marketing and Business Development at TF1 Publicité Digital, discusses ad stitching, how to use pricing to incentivise advertisers to create shorter ads, and TF1’s relationship with the global tech platforms. He is joined by Nicolas Mignot, Country Manager for France and Emerging Markets for, who explains how ad stitching is relatively simple in comparison to the challenges associated with serving programmatic ads on IPTV.

This video forms part of The Global Publisher Focus, which looks at the challenges facing publishers around the world. The series is sponsored by, who were recently acquired by Comcast. Filmed at the 1to1 Roadshow in Paris.

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