Advertisers are Becoming Less Dependent on Facebook and Google for Video says Xaxis’s Moore #DataWeek

Data Week, Sponsored by The Trade DeskThere was a time when YouTube seemed very much like the undisputed king of online advertising, to the point where its position in the market seemed almost unassailable. Then Facebook introduced video, which highlighted just how fast you can scale a video business when you have an audience when you have a successful social platform to hand.

While some talk about an emerging Google-Facebook duopoly, things like SnapChat and outstream formats are both evidence of how the big players can find themselves quickly contending with meaningful competition. Here David J. Moore, Chairman of Xaxis and President of WPP Digital, gives the agency perspective. Moore says advertisers are less dependent on Google and Facebook than they were before, and also discusses measurement across walled gardens, the quality of video supply, and the future of the agency. Filmed at I-COM in Seville.

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