New Study Find that Publishers Need to Face Up to Mobile Ad-Bloat

Advertising could account for almost half of data usage for people reading articles on their smartphones, according to a new report by Enders Analysis. The researchers looked at six “popular publishers”, both with and without an adblocker, and found that anywhere between 18 percent and 79 percent of the data downloaded was from ads.

The amount of data downloaded from JavaScript ranged from anywhere from 6 percent and 68 percent, while the stufy estimated that advertising accounts for half of all data used by publisher pages on iPhones, describing publishers’ pages as ‘bloated’.

In recent months we’ve seen various initiatives such as Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) and Facebook Instant Articles. Both offer faster and smaller downloads of articles, although at this point Google’s AMP stays more faithful to the idea of an open web. Needless to say, there are strategic risks for publishers, most of whom prefer to minimise their dependence on both companies whenever possible.

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