MRC Standard is ‘Not a Magical Threshold for Ad Effectiveness’

The MRC standard is ‘not a magical threshold for ad effectiveness’, according to a new piece of research* jointly produced by IPG Media Lab, Integral Ad Science and Cadreon. However, the study did find that viewability is highly related to ad effectiveness. As viewability increases, so does consumer attention and ad recall:

Screen Shot 2016-02-05 at 15.39.11

When it comes to video, the study that video ads with the sound on performed better, which is hardly surprising, but the researchers were able to put a number on the uplift.  Having audio on even provides a 175 percent lift in recall for ads that fall under the MRC standard.

On video recall, the study found that there’s just a 10 percent chance of recall at the MRC standard, whereas high viewability was identified as having significantly more impact:

Video Advertising Recall

Methodology: The group partnered to conduct a large-scale scientific research study, which they say involved nearly 10,000 participants and 189 different ad scenarios, which looked at the relationship between viewability and brand metrics.

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