WiR: Facebook Launches TRP Buying, Comcast Launches Watchable and Nielsen Reveals Decline in Advertising Trust in UK

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Facebook Launches TRP Buying
The social media giant Facebook has launched a purchasing product dubbed TRP Buying, the company has announced. TRP Buying references the metric called target-rating points (TRPs). The TRP Buying system relies on Facebook’s partnership with Nielsen’s Digital Ad Ratings division, which will verify how well the social site’s video ads perform in conjunction with TV spots. Facebook-commissioned research has shown that that boosting TV campaigns with Facebook video ads drives incremental reach, increases efficiency and improves effectiveness. Some of the results can be seen here:

  • Incremental Target Audience Reached: Measured across 42 US campaigns, 1 when TV and Facebook were combined, advertisers saw a 19 percent increase in targeted reach versus TV alone. When Millennials were the target audience, incremental reach increased to 37 percent.
  • Efficiency: Across the same 42 campaigns, 2 Facebook impressions were two times more likely to hit their target audience than TV impressions. This means advertisers spent less to reach their target audiences.
  • Effectiveness: A study by Nielsen of seven recent campaigns showed that, compared to people who saw TV alone, people exposed to both TV and Facebook demonstrated a 3.2 percentage point increase in ad memorability, 11.5 percentage point increase in brand linkage and a 22.7 percentage point increase in likeability linkage.

New Video Frontiers, Europe’s Leading Video Advertising Event
King’s Place, London, Oct 20th to 21st

Comcast Launches Watchable
Mass media group Comcast have launched the beta version of Watchable, their video streaming service which has been released as a website and an app. Watchable is an app for professional short-form content and will launch with around 30 online network partners, including Buzzfeed, Vox, Vice, GoPro and Maker Studios.

Consumer Trust in Traditional Advertising Declines
Most forms of advertising and communication, such as TV adverts and promotional e-mails, have seen a decline in trust in UK consumers, Nielson has found.


Google Introduces Chromecast 2.0
Higher-quality video with less buffering and the ability to play games on TV via a mobile phone are two new features of Google’s video streaming device, Chromecast 2.0. Google has also added an audio device to this service.

Facebook Suffers Two Outages in One Week, Enables Looping Videos
Facebook suffered two blackouts, one on the 24th September 2015 and the other the 28th September, losing the company millions in advertising revenue. Profiles on the site are also to go through a dramatic overhaul, the social media website has announced. Facebook’s massive push to mobile, as evidenced by its new logo and ad products, are the reason why it’s redesigning people’s profiles the company says.

YouTube Could Become Subscription Site
Despite only alluding to the idea of becoming a subscription site, it’s looking increasingly likely that YouTube are gearing up for the change.

Demand For Connectivity to Soar
Broadband connectivity is to play a vital role in the next wave of digital transformation, a new forecast report from research and consultancy business Ovum has found.

Yahoo Releases New Technology Offering
As part of Advertising Week New York, Yahoo has unveiled a series of changes made to BrightRoll, Yahoo and Flurry to update Yahoo’s advertising technology portfolio.

Millennials Are a Visually Motivated Generation
Over 50 per cent of millennials consider themselves ‘avid music fans’, and they have been found to be the most visually motivated generation yet, says the inaugural Vevo Music Fan Report.

The Hour-By-Hour Use of Instagram
The most popular time to post on social media site Instagram is midnight, with the highest volume of posts occurring on Thursdays, a study by Mavrck has found. Based on 1.3million posts, it seems the most popular times people are posting are midnight, 3pm and 4pm and that time-sensitive hashtags also seem to drive use.


Apple Launches iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus
Apple released their new phone additions on Friday 25th September at Apple’s retail stores. Over 50 per cent of devices have their new update, iOS 9.

AOL Launches Live
AOL has announced the launch of their LIVE service, a comprehensive end-to-end service for the production, streaming, distribution and monetization of live events. Supported by Verizon Digital Media Services, LIVE gives content and media partners access to a complete suite of live experience solutions for all screens and devices.

Autoplay Adverts Announced For Twitter App Install
Micro-blogging site Twitter has announced that autoplay video is now available for app adverts. The new video product is called Video App Card.

Bad Advertising Contributes to Ad-Blocking
Visual clutter and site load times are why 64 percent of people download ad-blocking apps and software, a survey by ad-blocker app creator Dean Murphy has found. The survey also found that not all people who install an ad-blocker hate adverts as many as 71 percent said that they aren’t against advertising in general.


Interactive Advertising Bureau Updates HTML5 Guidelines
In light of Amazon being the latest to announce that they have switched to HTM5-only promos, the Interactive Advertising Bureau has updated their guidelines to best employ the HTML5 software.

Using the Mobile Use Surge to a Brands Advantage
67 percent of shoppers will switch to a competitor’s site if the checkout process takes too long, a study by Google into mobile phone use has found. The study shows examples of brands that have used the shift to mobile to their advantage.

Half of All Video Plays on Mobile
Nearly half of all video plays and ad impressions for publishers occurred on mobile devices, Ooyala’s Q2 report has shown. Mobile video plays have grown at a rate of more than 111 percent since 2012.

Mobile Ad Spending to Overtake Print
Mobile ad spending is set to continue rising over 2015 and is forecast to overtake spending on print advertising for the first time, the latest eMarketer report has found.

Mobile Data Streaming Tool Released
A solution for allowing advertisers access to app data through a real-time streaming API has been launched by Urban Airship.

Quality Content Key for Top Ratings
Quality content is key to search engine ranking, according to Moz’s biennial ranking of search engine ranking factors. Although it’s the first time content has been included in this ranking, industry experts are expecting to see more of it as a definitive factor.

Pay-TV Still Stable Despite OTT Usage Rising
Less than eight percent of people said they’d switched pay-TV providers in the last three months, and less than 15 percent of respondents said they might either cut their service, switch to pay-TV providers or move to an online app or rental service in the next 6 months according to research from Digitalsmiths.

Consumers Turn To Multiple Connected Devices
Connected media devices are continuing to change consumers’ TV and video viewing behaviour, as the popularity of OTT SVoD has increased the number of connected media devices in the home, a study by Strategy Analytics has found.

Netflix Pulls in ImpressiveFigures
63 million people have signed up to Netflix and the SVoD provider is now present in over 50 markets, a report by Ampere Analysis has revealed. The report has also found that Amazon and Netflix’s combined content spend will top US$9 billion by the end of 2020.

AppNexus Reveals Beta Results of Programmatic Video Ad Buying Product
Clients using the beta test version of AppNexus’ programmatic video ad buying product found ten to one hundred time improvements in audience reach, video engagement, click-through increases of 300 percent or more and reduction in buying costs of 50-60 percent, the technology company has announced.

Pay TV Racks Up Most Minutes Watched
Pay TV channels score an average of 7,644 minutes of watching time a month, according to a new video index released by Wurl.

Havas Group Acquires FullSIX
The Havas Group have announced they are acquiring digital communications group FullSIX.

Dermot McCormack to Leave AOL
The president of AOL’s video operations is to leave AOL after joining the company last October, it has been reported.

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