Spotify Finds Users Understand the Advertising Value Exchange #Video@Dmexco

One of the many reasons we’re seeing a rise in ad-blocking is that the industry has done an exceptionally poor job of communicating the fact that advertising is part of the value exchange between publishers and consumers. One sell-side player who does a good job of communicating the value of advertising is Spotify, who routinely remind their audience that they have an option to upgrade to premium in order for an ad-free experience. Users can also choose between audio and video ads. While this seems like a more obvious thing to do for a service like Spotify where the user self-selects the music, it’s a practice that many other publishers could learn from, even if the choice was display vs video. Earlier this year Spotify also moved into video which they offer alongside their programmatic audio offering. Here Jonathan Forster, VP of Advertising & Partnerships EMEA at Spotify, discusses the wider Spotify proposition and the role that video plays within it.

New Video Frontiers, London, Oct 20-21st

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