Video@Dmexco: Conference Highlights to Look Out For

DmexcoThe doors are now open for Dmexco, the Cologne-based digital media conference. Over the next few days, VAN will be bringing you coverage from some of the leading players in media from the conference floor. This is our first year as an official media partner of the event and our coverage will be sponsored by LiveRail. As the conference has grown to a size where it can start to feel a little overwhelming, we have filtered out the parts focusing on TV and video.

Day 1, Tuesday 16th September 2015

 “The Game Changer Debate: TV Everywhere?”

Location: Debate Hall

Time: 15:05 – 15:40

Presenter: Ashley Swartz, Furious Corp.

Panel: – Brian Lesser – Global CEO, Xaxis

– Jimmy Maymann – President of Consumer Brands, AOL

– René Rechtman – President International, Maker

– Debbie Weinstein – Director of Brand Solutions & Innovation, EMEA Outpost Google

Overview: Will television be simply video tomorrow? What makes television TV? And can television really be distributed everywhere and across all devices? The ease of reaching audiences with videos, along with the elimination of barriers to distribution, is disrupting the economics and content creation of broadcasters. In this debate, the leading broadcast and media masterminds will discuss these disruptive developments in the broadcast business. We are keen to find out what the democratization of TV content really means for audiences and business models. And finally, we also want to know how programmatic will influence TV. Will it be the game changer for the video media business as well?

“The Revelation Debate: Power Sharing of the Video MarketPlace”

Location: Debate Hall

Time: 16:55 – 17:30

Presenter: Martin Meyer-Gossner

Panel: – Matthias Dang – Managing Director IP

– Marianne Dölz – Country Director D-A-CH Facebook

– Dr. Andrea Malgara – Managing Director Mediaplus

– Marie Eve Schroeder – CMO Henkel Beauty Care / Corporate SVP Henkel

Overview: Video content rocks – especially on YouTube and Facebook. But aren’t those two platforms overrated? For sure, users empower video distribution through their engagement on social networks. They are increasingly watching, liking, and sharing videos.

However, the market for video content has just opened. Video-sharing platforms are moving more and more into the spotlight of marketing budgets — often by cutting bits of the TV budget. But does the increase in investment in online video advertising justify its value, and does it make a budget shift away from traditional TV advertising a necessary next step? Get all the answers in real time from this controversial and lively panel.

“Programmatic Video: 10 things you never dared to ask”

Location: Seminar 5

Time: 10:00 – 10:45 am

Presenter: Todd Tran, Global SVP of Programmatic and Mobile, Teads

Overview: Programmatic advertising may have been around for a while, but there are still some common misconceptions about exactly how it works. We will show that programmatic advertising can be premium, can be brand safe and can transform your business. We break down the barriers, explain the acronyms and lay out everything you need to know about programmatic video advertising.

It’s time to take full advantage of the branding power of the moving image.

“Leveraging Publisher Data to Solve for Fraud and Improve Viewability”

Location: Seminar 7

Time: 15:00 – 15:45

Presenter: Manny Puentes, Chief Technology Officer, Altitude Digital

Overview: Online advertising fraud and ad viewability are not just advertiser concerns anymore. Publishers must be more proactive and data driven in their approach to delivering viewable, fraud free impressions. More importantly, as the source of all supply, publishers are the first layer of defence in combatting fraud and improving viewability through the use of valuable data and inventory analytics.

A data driven approach on the supply side is necessary if we are to meet the IAB’s requirements of 70% viewable impressions in 2015 and the eradication of ad fraud.

“Video Advertising – Can somebody turn on the lights?”

Location: Speaker’s Corner

Time: 12:00 – 12:20

Presenter: Ron Nahum, CSO, Branovate

Overview: – The Advertising Landscape (Brief history, major players, different entities, campaign flow…)

– The different targeting options / formats (Sizes, Programmatic, Audience…)

– Obstacles and tech solutions (Bots, Masking, pre/post-bid solutions…)

– Market feedback, perception and stats

– What the future holds

Day 2, Wednesday 16th September 2015

“Navigating the Advanced TV Space”
Overview: Let’s navigate the future of TV. Today audiences are relying on digital platforms to get their entertainment on demand, the latest news, and even sports events. Given this situation, what will television look like tomorrow? How are digital platforms impacting the business of the traditional media, and what does this mean for broadcasters? Advertisers need to scale their automated buying campaigns to the requirements of TV, blend data from numerous sources, and increase the efficiency of their services for clients by reaching more specific and valuable audiences across multiple TV networks. But how? This session will focus on the broadcast business models of tomorrow and discuss some of the biggest challenges and opportunities for media platforms and advertisers.

Location: Congress Hall

Time: 15:40 – 16:15

Presenter: Ashley Swartz, Furious Corp.

Panel: – Krishan Bhatia – EVP Business Operations & Strategy, NBC


– Benjamin Faes – Managing Director Partner Business

Solutions at Google

– Arun Kumar – Global President, Cadreon

– Shahrzad Rafati Founder & CEO, BroadbandTV

 “The Show will never end”

Location: Congress Hall

Time: 17:00 – 17:30

Panel: – René Rechtmann President International, Maker Studios

– Tessa Violet YouTube Star vlogger & singer-songwriter

– Essie Button, YouTube Star

Overview: Maker Studios’ head of international Rene Rechtman brings together two rising talents – singer/songwriter Tessa Violet and beauty guru Essie Button, from its global network of 55,000 creators to talk all things digital and provide a showcase to their skills that have garnered them millions of views online.


“Precise targeting is the best option to reach your campaign goals but why is Zalando actually using TV?”

Overview: Everybody is using fully automated systems with the best algorithms in real time and believes to do the right thing.

Is that really the way forward or does targeting even harm the return on investment?

This seminar will offer food for thought and shows results that will help to ensure that an integrated video campaign is set up in way that it dos not only optimizes impressions and cost within a marketing target group but rather the overall ROI.

Location: Seminar 3

Time: 10:00 – 10:45 am

Presenter: Marc Nabinger, Managing Director, Carat Deutschland

Kirsten Nachtigall, Managing Director, Carat Deutschland

Christopher Samsinger, CEO, Carat Deutschland

“Programmatic Video: Daten und Automatisierung erobern Bewegtbild”

Location: Seminar 1

Time: 16.00 – 16.45

Presenter: Oliver Busch, Dr. Mark Grether,Christoph

Henning, Anne Stilling

“Web-to-Video Lokalisierungslö- sung von für die weltweite Nutzung von Produkt-, Schulungs und Imagevideos intern. Organisationen”

Location: Start Up Village

Time: 15.20 – 15.35

Presenter: MoovIT GmBH, Wolfgang Felix

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