A Quarter of UK Publishers Saw Growth Rates of More than 25 Percent Since Early 2014

AOPA Deloitte study commissioned by the AOP has found that over a quarter of UK publishers saw growth rates of over 25 percent since early 2014.  The AOP Sentiment Index Report, which questions AOP board members about their forecasts for the coming year, also found that UK publishers are also extremely bullish about their short-term prospects. No less than 100 percent of participants said they expect to see growth in digital advertising over the next 12 months.

The publishers surveyed said advertising revenue would be their main focus for growth during the next quarter, while fewer cited cost reduction as a source for future growth, a 24 percent decline compared to the previous quarter. Mobile advertising revenue continued to rise in Q2 of 2015, showing an increase of 21%* over the year, with a 44%* growth in smartphone display advertising revenue.

UK Digital Publisher Advertising Revenue Growth
Q2 2015 vs. Q2 2014
AOP & Deloitte DPRI Report
Digital advertising format % Change*
Total 5.9%
Desktop Video 15%
Recruitment 4%
Sponsorship 34%
Display -4%
Classified 19%
Mobile (smartphone, tablet) 21% (44%, -9%)

Commenting, on the report, AOP Managing Director, Tim Cain, said, “The Q2 report once again highlights that advertising revenue reflects the increasing consumption of media on mobile and will remain a key focus for publishers during the next quarter. Publishers and advertisers alike need to recognise the impact of cross device, particularly mobile, when planning budgets and understand the value different devices hold along the path to purchase.”

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