Google’s Neal Mohan Reportedly Heading to Dropbox

Neal MohanGoogle’s Neal Mohan is leaving to join Dropbox, according to Re/code’s Kara Swisher. Mohan has served as the head of product for Google’s Doubleclick for over seven years now, and has been with the company for almost ten.

Mohan has been a pivotal figure at Doubleclick and has been instrumental in bridging the technology and business sides of the ad platform business. In 2011 TechCrunch reported that Twitter tried to lure Mohan away to become its head of product, only for Google to respond by offering him $100 million in stock to stay.

Mohan leaving comes at a time when Google is facing more competition than ever before, as the move towards programmatic revolution has attracted numerous heavyweights into the ad technology business, most notably from Facebook and Amazon, alongside a slew of other contenders.

If Mohan does go to Dropbox, it’s going to be interesting to see if it’s to build out advertising products. Theoretically, it could see a data opportunity based on what people upload to its cloud storage, although it seems likely that such a move would risk a privacy backlash.

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