Leading French Broadcasters Jump into Programmatic

StickyADS.tvWhile the TV industry has for the most part accepted its future is a programmatic one, many broadcasters have been slow to start trading programmatically. This partly due to pre-existing trading agreements and partly due to the fact that that there is a shortage of premium supply in most markets, so sellers have been reluctant to change a model that has been working for them. However, things are moving quickly in France. Today StickyADS.tv, a video SSP, announced a raft of new broadcast clients including TF1, M6 and France Télévisions, all of whom will be opening up their on-demand video inventory (including that shown on TV) to programmatic demand via a combination of private marketplaces and programmatic direct buys.

VAN spoke to many of the leading French broadcasters in Paris last month — including some of those who are partnering with StickyADS.tv — and all acknowledged that the time had come to embrace programmatic. Many also expressed concerns about the increasingly competitive video environment, the growing influence of the web native platforms, and the need to develop hands-on experience with data-driven video advertising. The deals are a major coup for StickyADS.tv, as the broadcast end of the market has been notoriously difficult for the video SSPs to penetrate.

In recent months StickyADS.tv have been making much of their independence from the buy-side. StickyAds.tv have no DSP and their relationship with buyers is confined to encouraging agencies and brands to buy directly from their clients. StickyAds.tv executives have also been keen to stress the fact they are independent from the media industry, so there is no conflict of interest when it comes to selling inventory.

Speaking about the new deals, Hervé Brunet, StickyADS.tv’s CEO and Co-founder, said “It is strategic for TV broadcasters to keep control and operate their own video private exchange, maintaining a direct relationship with buyers and eliminating arbitrage and intermediaries. Internalising programmatic video monetisation is a high priority for the TV business, which is why our publisher-controlled software approach is so appealing.”

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