Brazilian Video Consumption is Accelerating at ‘Breakneck Speed’

Today AOL announced that they are launching their ‘One by AOL’ platform in Brazil, which is quickly becoming one of the most sought-after video advertising markets on the planet. One of the reasons video has been surging in Brazil is the country’s youthful internet audience. According to Comscore, 18 percent of Brazilians online are aged 18-24, while 30 percent of all users are aged 25-34. The country also boasts the biggest online video viewing population in Latin America. In December 2014, 65.5 million unique users viewed online videol, which amounts to 86.5 percent of internet users in the country. Here Graham Moysey, Head of International at AOL, provides n overview of what AOL are doing internationally, giving special mention to Brazil alongside more mature markets like the UK. Moysey also discusses the value of the NewFronts AOL’s content strategy.

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