Two in Five Connected TV Users Say they Spend 50 Percent of their TV Viewing Streaming

IABThere was once a time when connected TVs were often in homes, but simply weren’t being connected to the Internet. However, it now seems that the over-the-top (OTT) platforms (e.g. Samsung Smart TV, Roku, Apple TV, Sony Playstation) are not just getting into homes, but are now being put to good use, according to new research from the IAB in the US. Now one in three Americans over the age of 18 owns either a smart TV or a device that streams video to their TVs, and two in five of those individuals say they spend at least 50 percent of their TV viewing time streaming video to their television.

Views on OTT advertising were mixed. For example, half of connected TV owners say they are more likely to stream content than watch traditional TV because there are fewer ads. But 40 percent of respondents said they considered ads on these platforms to be less intrusive than those found on traditional TV.

The study, titled “The Changing TV Experience: Attitudes and Usage Across Multiple Screens” (see methodology below), found that users are mainly satisfied with the connected TV viewing experience, with 76 percent saying it is just as good or better than traditional TV (“as good” 51 percent, “better” 25 percent). Some also said they preferred streaming since it gives them greater control (33 percent) and better selection/more content of interest (29 percent).

Over a third (35 percent) of connected TV owners said they are streaming more video to their TV than a year ago. One in four smartphone and tablet owners, and one in five computer owners say the same. Meanwhile, 19 percent of adults 18 and older state that they are watching less traditional TV year-over-year.

Americans Using Another Device While Watching TV

A significant portion of smartphone, tablet, and computers users perform tasks related to the TV shows or commercials they are watching, including:

  • Email/IM/text with friends about the show/movie (54% smartphones, 37% tablets, 38% computers)
  • Search for information about show/movie/actor (49%, smartphones, 43% tablets, 44% computers)
  • Read/post on social media pages of the show/movie/actor (42% smartphones, 31% tablets, 33% computers)
  • Search for reviews of a product/service shown in a commercial (37% smartphones, 40% tablets, 40% computers)
  • Post on social media about a commercial (34% smartphones, 28% tablets, 26% computers)


• Quantitative research was conducted among Adults 18 or older using Vision Critical’s Springboard America online panel (fielded Jan 19-21, 2015).

• The sample used from Vision Critical’s Springboard America (SBA) online panel was designed to be representative to the US census/online adult over 18 population. Sample size for this research is 651.

• In addition, 13 participants from the online quantitative survey were invited to participate in a 2-day online discussion forum to share their experiences with streaming video content to their TV in comparison to watching regular TV.

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