Dynamic Creative Tech Needs to Catch Up to Deliver Truly Addressable Video Advertising

One of the main promises of programmatic video advertising is the opportunity to deliver advertising on a ‘one-to-one’ basis. Right user, right creative, right time. Well that’s the idea at least. The reality is that the creative technology has lagged behind the targeting solutions on offer to video advertisers, partly due to the technical difficulties in creating this type of technology in a way that goes beyond just tweaking the text elements of the ad, but also due to the cost constraints of creating multiple video creatives. Here Liam Brennan, Digital Strategy Director at Starcom MediaVest, explains how the creative piece is one of the few remaining barriers to delivering truly one-to-one video advertising. Brennan also discusses the changing role of the trading desks within the agency groups, how programmatic trading has affected agency-publisher relations and how agencies are structuring their organisations.

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