Blinkx’s Hamilton: Our Inventory is Now Amongst the Cleanest in the Industry

Donald HamiltonThe last year has been a tumultuous one for Blinkx. On this day last year shares were worth 90.43p a share and at the time of writing they’re trading at 28.56p. The main reason for the decline was a series of blog posts by Ben Edelman, an associate professor at Harvard Business School, which accused Blinkx of engaging in a variety of deceptive practices in order to generate traffic. Blinkx ‘strongly refuted’ the allegations in a point-by-point rebuttal of Edelman’s claims. Since then it has been revealed that Edelman was paid to carry out the research by two US companies who Edelman refuses to name, which has led to mainstream media speculation about his own motives and those of his paymasters.

In a statement from March last year, Blinkx said they have opened up the company’s technology and processes to scrutiny, including audit of the company by Kroll, a leading risk management company, which was led by the Head of the Cyber Investigations and a former FBI Special Agent with ‘extensive industry experience’ in online investigations, brand protection and internet traffic forensics. The company has also been working with a variety of verification vendors and now partners with Forensiq, who vet every impression on the Blinkx network.

The person tasked with the responsibility of cleaning up the Blinkx offering was Donald Hamilton, VP of Blinkx Media. One year on, and Hamilton claims not only that the new verification strategy is succeeding, but that the company has reached a point where he now believes that his company’s inventory is amongst the cleanest available in the video market. Hamilton also alluded to the possibility of a Blinkx ad tech stack that would unify the company’s various ad tech acquisitions under the same brand.

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