Advertisers Need to Ask if Their DSP is Truly Media Agnostic

Guy Yalif, VP of Global Marketing, BrightRollThe consolidation of the video ad tech space has led to the convergence of media, ad tech and data, where all three are often bundled together. There are two different schools of thought on this development. One view that it’s perfectly reasonable for a company with proprietary media, ad tech and data assets to offer a unified product within a walled garden.

Another view is that the interests of advertisers are best served when they are using a ‘media agnostic’ DSP, where the buying platform doesn’t take a stance on which inventory the advertiser buys. Here Guy Yalif, VP of Marketing at BrightRoll, who were bought by Yahoo last year for $640 million, explains why BrightRoll take the second view – the media agnostic approach – and provides some insight into how BrightRoll have been working with Yahoo since the acquisition. Filmed at Advertising Week Europe.


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