Video Poses Higher Brand Risks than Display, Says Integral Ad Science

IntegralIntegral Ad Science have included video for the first time in their Q3 2014 Media Quality Report, and the study found that brand risk for video was even higher than display. There was an average of 18.7 percent risk for video generally, whereas Integral found that the risk in display is 10.5 percent for publishers and 17.4 percent for networks & exchanges in display.

The report relies uses data gathered via Integral’s integrations, which Integral say includes the top five demand side platforms (DSPs), ‘nearly all’ of the major ad exchanges, all agency holding companies and more than 70 of the “Advertising Age Top 100 Advertisers.

Other video findings included:

  • Fraud in video was higher than display with an average of 15 percent versus 3 percent for Publishers and 13.7 percent for networks and exchanges.
  • Video viewability, unavoidably affected by fraud, averaged 30 percent, lower than the 53.4 percent viewability for Publishers and 36.7 percent for networks and exchanges in display.
  • Video viewability findings reveal the challenge of capturing consumers’ attention for longer than a few brief seconds. Overall video completion rates were much higher than viewable video completion rates, indicative of significant frequency of autoplay and of disruptive user behavior, such as scrolling videos out of view as they are playing.

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