Week in Review: Adap.tv’s State of the Industry Report, Videology Hit $300 Million, Sharethrough Acquires VAN

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Adap.tv Announce the Results of their European State of the Industry Report

Adap.tv announced the results of their annual ‘State of the Industry’ survey, which looked at how various people across the industry feel about programmatic video advertising (disclosure: VAN was paid to help promote the survey but this post does is not part of any arrangement). The responses were interesting, partly because they show how far the industry has come in terms of adopting programmatic video, but also because they highlight how many of the old concerns persist to this day. For example, publishers see opportunities for opening up access to buyer demand and for efficiency, but commodtisation of their inventory is still something they worry about:


Over on the buy-side, the two biggest obstacles are the different styles of campaign reporting, along with the fact that some agencies still have to leave programmatic to their agency’s trading desk:


Programmatic TV appears to be high up on the agenda, with 38 percent of agencies saying they’ll be using data and automation for TV buys in 2015:

When it came to concerns about quality of inventory, viewability came out on top, although ad verification and ad fraud weren’t too far behind:

When it comes to where the money come from, it seems that TV and display stand to lose the most from video’s growth (although that’s not to say the TV broadcasters and operators aren’t enjoying video’s growth too):

Finally, nearly all agency video advertising is targeted and data-sharing relationships are stronger on the buy-side than on the sell-side:

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Sharethrough Acquired Viral Ad Network (VAN)

Sharethrough acquired the London-based Viral Ad Network (VAN, the other one), for an undisclosed sum.  Sharethrough say the acquisition will provide a ‘launchpad’ for the company’s expansion into Europe.  Sharethrough have two flagship products aimed at enhancing native advertising and content marketing:  Sharethrough for Publishers and The Sharethrough Exchange.

Videology Revenue Hits $300 Million

Videology announced earlier in the week that its revenue is expected to approach $300 million this year, up from $135.5 million in 2012, in what they say is proving to be a pivotal year for the company. The company also say that more than 50 percent of Videology’s revenue comes from ‘television-centric buying groups’, rather than digital buyers, with 90 percent of the campaigns run through its platform being sold on a guaranteed cost per thousand (CPM) basis, in a similar way to how TV advertising is purchased. Videology also announced that:

–          In the last year, more than 1,330 advertisers ran 17.7 billion video ad impressions on Videology’s platform across online, mobile and connected TV, representing a three-year revenue CAGR of over 100%

–          More than 50% of Videology’s total revenue comes from international markets across N. America, Europe and the APAC region

–          Since its launch in 2007, Videology has raised $130 million in funding

Veenome and Doubleveryify form Partnership

Veenome are to provide enhanced features to DoubleVerify’s video quality and ad authentication product, DV Video+. Veenome technology will be incorporated into DV Video+ to enhance its video content analysis and engagement metrics.

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