How Spanish Broadcasters are Working Together to Get Higher CPMs #Video@Dmexco

The Spanish advertising market was hit hard by the recession, which made life difficult for those servicing both the buy-side and the sell-side. It also threatened to slow the adoption of programmatic trading, mainly because there was a perception on the sell-side that it would be a race to the bottom on pricing.

So, in order to get the programmatic premium market going and to maintain high CPMs, the two largest Spanish broadcasting groups — Mediaset and Atresmedia — have pooled their inventory in ‘Aunia’, a broadcaster co-operative run by Videoplaza. This interview is part of the Video@Demexco series, sponsored by Videoplaza. Here Beatriz Mediana Layuno, Digital Sales Director at Atresmedia, explains how the co-operative came about and how it works in practice.

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