FreeWheel Saw Live Streaming Grow 201 Percent YoY, Now a Year Round Phenomenon

Live events are increasingly becoming part and parcel of the digital landscape as more and more programmers are increasing their focus on delivering live streams online, according to a new report from FreeWheel, a sell-side video ad platform. Live streaming has grown 201 percent over the last year and publishers and broadcasters are using them throughout the year, rather than solely using live streaming as an occasional add-on for one-off events.

Ad View Share Format and Content TypeThe research also looked at some of the differences between the UK and US markets, which through up some interesting results. For example, Brits are more likely to view ads via mobile and OTT devices than their US counterparts:

UK and US Ad View Share by Device ComparisonHowever, the fact that people in the UK consume more ads on mobile and tablet devices doesn’t translate into more ads viewed on short-form content. A far higher proportion of ads are viewed during long-form content in the UK (75 percent), while just 53 percent of ads viewed in the US are viewed during long-form content:

Ads Viewed by Content DurationFinally, it looks like the industry might be starting to make some headway on tailoring the length of ads according to the length of the content. Creative durations on short-form content are starting to decline, with many publishers now opting for 15 second ads:Ad Length by Device



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