Q&A: DynAdmic’s Camila Masetti on Viewability, Transparency and Agency Relationships

Camila MasettiDynAdmic are a French ad technology company who regularly feature in ComScore’s top ten video sources of supply for video advertising in France (see graph below). The company’s technology analyses and classifies video inventory across the exchanges, which it then uses to inform buying decisions. Here Camila Masetti, International Marketing Director at DynAdmic, explains how the technology works, viewability, transparency and how video advertising is being handled within agencies.

Could you explain the DynAdmic business model and how you of make use of automatic content recognition (ACR)? 

DynAdmic’s Business model is very simple. We scan non relevant inventory from ad exchanges, use our technology to target only top quality placements that are relevant to our clients and provide them with a tailored and highly-focused branding campaigns across cheaper inventory placements.

We use ACR to identify the content of the video and categorise it. We have developed an in-house audio recognition technology that is able to make sense out of sound and voices in the video — we can then use that data to create a combination of general categories and precise keywords. Having access to that data enables us to target with extreme granularity. You can choose to place your ad on videos talking about a specific celebrity, event or keywords which is highly interesting for branding campaigns or to connect with your audience.

Put simply, we act as a private market place for premium pre-roll so advertisers can deliver relevant video advertising delivered with with transparency, quality and targeting. We believe relevancy is the key to online video advertising. In real life, you make friends by sharing common interests, why not do the same in the digital world? We believe you should target viewers based their real-time interest and on what they are watching at that exact moment.

When you’re looking at so much video on ad exchanges, do you ever encounter fake traffic?

DynAdmic itself is not concerned by the fake traffic because we need the video content to analyse and categorise the ad placement. Therefore we detect and avoid fake pre-rolls which enables us to focus on the premium corners of ad exchanges.

However, in 2013 we ran a study on over 8 billion pre-roll bid request on our 3 regions and found out that there is indeed a lot of fake pre-roll. In the USA 26.5 percent of the bid requests were fake pre-rolls, in France 9.8 percent and in Brazil 10.2 percent. Media buyers should always be aware and choose trustworthy partners so they can profit from the majority of good inventory.

Are these type of campaigns typically run by TV or digital teams within agencies?

Usually these campaigns are run by digital teams within agencies  or by their trading desks. But if you look at younger markets like Brazil, sometime the shift comes indeed from television. From a branding perspective, sometimes is a TV campaign that release some of its budget to try online video because they already got the film.

You recently launched your self-service platform? Are agencies embracing self-service or do many want tech vendors to traffic campaigns? 

I would say it is quite the contrary, agencies love the self-service platform. They’ve understood it is the best way for them to express their marketing intelligence and creativity. The added value comes from a mix of know-how and real-time feedback that improves their knowledge and enhances campaigns results ! Our core competency is not on how to best operate a campaign but on giving the best tools for agencies to do so. We give them the best ingredients, they cook.

What level of transparency do you offer advertisers?

Total transparency. That’s our main point of differentiation, we want our clients to properly use Ad-Exchanges with no fear about quality, transparency, confidence and accuracy. Therefore we give them access to the complete distribution list and performance by domain. They choose which domains to keep or not, with a single click in real-time and can also pre-load their clients blacklist/whitelist. Our total transparency is the biggest proof we believe in our targeting. And that it works!

Do you also plan to use your ACR technology for second screen campaigns?

What is the second screen today, TV? Jokes aside, our campaigns run on all devices (connected TV, desktop, mobile and tablet). We also have TV sync so we can synchronize your digital campaign with its TV counterpart and make sure to grab your audience attention wherever it is.

Source:  ComScore Rankings for France, June 2014

ComScore Market Rankings for France


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