Tremor Begin Their Programmatic Push Across Europe

Sue HuntFounded in 2005, Tremor Video are one of the video advertising space’s most established companies. Over the last year or so, the company went public on the New York Stock Exchange and launched Videohub Connect, their video DSP. Now Tremor are about to roll out their programmatic video advertising offering across Europe and Sue Hunt, a former Yahoo!, Google and AOL executive has just joined as Head of Programmatic for Europe. VAN spoke to Sue about Tremor’s programmatic offering, the legacy ad network business, and Tremor’s take on viewability.

Congratulations on your new role. Could you explain what Tremor offers in terms of programmatic video advertising? 

Thanks! I’m looking forward to taking on this new challenge at such a pivotal moment for Tremor Video and the industry as a whole.

Tremor Video develops programmatic, scalable, video solutions across all screens for advertisers, agencies, publishers, and the leading demand and supply side platforms. As more marketers get comfortable with real time technology, we’re helping to create automated relationships between our partners and agencies that create operational efficiencies.

So is all of your business now traded programmatically, or is part of your business still based on the ad network technology?

Our programmatic business is growing apace, in addition to the mature premium media network solutions our own direct sales force continue to provide, who I’ll be working closely with to develop programmatic solutions for clients.

Which of the European markets are you going to focus most of your efforts on?

We’re working closely with our partners to meet their needs – which obviously vary from client to client, but no market is off limits as we have considerable demand from our global advertising partners.

What are Tremor doing when it comes to tackling viewability?

Viewability is a huge focus for Tremor Video. We’re proud to be the first video ad technology to be accredited by the Media Rating Council (MRC) for a video ad viewability metric, known as average viewability percentage. We also provide every client with a viewability report at no cost after their campaigns run so they can see exactly how viewable their ads were. We’re 100% committed to staying on the forefront of the issue to provide the best ad experiences for our clients.

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