Unruly Push into Programmatic with a DSP and a Skippable Pre-Roll Format

Unruly have announced they’re to focus more of their efforts on programmatic buying, starting with a new skippable pre-roll format and a DSP on their Unruly Activate platform. Unruly’s core business has traditionally focused on paid content distribution combined with working to increase the likelihood of those videos being shared. However, Unruly’s research has found that 65 percent of video views in social campaigns now occur by the end of launch week — almost twice what they were achieving just 12 months ago —  so it makes sense to inject some good old-fashioned paid media into the campaign.

Speed of Sharing Doubles

Scott Button, founder and Group CEO of Unruly, said: “Using paid distribution and real-time programmatic targeting across the open web, brands can maximize the sharing peak and slow the rate of viral decay in order to deliver maximum earned media and viewer advocacy on their video campaigns. Unlike standard pre-roll formats, in-stream skippables keep the users in control, as users decide whether or not they want to view the ad. Advertisers only pay when viewers have finished watching the video or at 30 seconds.”

Unruly’s ‘Social Diffusion Curve’, which measures the ‘speed of social diffusion’ for the top 4,000 videos across the social web, was first launched in April last year and found that a quarter of the average online branded video’s shares occur in the first three days of its launch.

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