What’s On, Where: A Guide to the 2014 NewFronts

Digital Content NewFronts[This article was posted on Monday, but due to moronic human error on the editor’s part, it was posted to a part of the site it would have been hard to find – apologies!] The NewFronts will be taking place in New York again this year, going from April 28 until May 7th.  The NewFronts are the digital version of the TV industry’s ‘upfronts’, which is a series of company-organised events run by the leading broadcasters and cable networks. The aim is to cajole agencies and brands into signing bumper up front cheques to fund the following year’s production schedule, mainly through exclusive content previews and getting prospective ad buyers drunk with celebrities.

The NewFronts are similar, only it’s the leading players in online video rather than the TV companies taking part, and – while they still lack the heavyweight glitz of the TV equivalents –  there are plenty of signs they’re starting to make up the lost ground. Regardless of whether you work in the US market or not, if you’re involved in video advertising you should be paying at least some attention to the NewFronts, if only to gauge the quality of the content coming online. And alongside the glitz and the glamour, you usually also get some insight into how many of the world’s most innovative publishers are approaching online video.

Below is a summary what to expect over the next two weeks. Each event is linked to the IAB’s event summaries which have some additional information outlining the content, how to get an invite, and venue information etc.

VAN will be providing a filtered version, cherry-picking only the stories we feel provide value to the wider industry.

28 April, Monday

9 – 11am      The New York Times
12 – 2pm     BuzzFeed
3 – 5pm       Microsoft
6 – 8pm       Yahoo!

29 April, Tuesday

9 – 11am
12 – 2pm      Glam Media
3 – 5pm        Condé Nast Entertainment
6 – 8pm        AOL

30 April, Wednesday

9 – 11am     Hulu
12 – 2pm     Crackle
3 – 5pm       Scripps Networks
6 – 8pm       Brandcast

1 May, Thursday

9 – 11am      Time Inc.
12 – 2pm      DigitasLBi
3 – 5pm        DigitasLBi
6 – 8pm        Popsugar

2 May, Friday

9 – 11am       The Wall Street Journal
12 – 2pm      Time Warner Cable
3 – 5pm        Vice
6 – 8pm        Endemol Beyond

5 May, Monday

12 – 2pm     PBS Digital Studios
3 – 5pm       Vevo

6 May, Tuesday

3 – 5pm     National Geographic
6 – 8pm    Maker Studios

7 May, Wednesday

12 – 2pm      IAB NewFronts Insights Lunch

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