Video Content Week on VAN – Day 1 at MIPTV

MIPTVForget viewability, privacy and the bots. The one thing holding video advertising back more than anything else is still the shortage of premium inventory. As anyone with quality content will tell you, the big brand money is ready and waiting, as broadcasters and publishers sell out each month via direct sales and private exchanges, while the open ad exchanges and ad networks compete fiercely for the scraps that occasionally fall from the table.

However, that may be about to change. The industry is currently going through the beginnings of a content gold rush, as not a week goes by without ‘Tech Company X’ or ‘Publisher Y’ announcing their intentions to invest more heavily in original video content. While it’s easy to scoff at these early efforts and at the amounts invested — which are usually small in comparison to TV — the bar is now quite much higher when it comes to quality, plus the deep-pocketed new entrants typically see these early investments as a prelude to a much bigger play. The owners of the new TV platforms have all come to realise that content is still very much king when it comes to TV, so proprietary content has been key.

With this in mind, VAN will be reporting from MIPTV in Cannes this week in an effort to find out what’s happening in the content market. MIPTV is a video content trade fair, where you’ll find everyone from ITV to VICE trying to sell their content to buyers from around the globe. Interestingly, this is the first year of the European equivalent of the New Fronts, where the top production houses, online video platforms and MCNs will be showing off what they have planned for the coming year. Then there’s a smattering of TV tech, with some of the content-focused startups taking part in a competition focused on TV innovation, including the London-based Grabyo and TVTY, a French second screen start up that focuses on advertising.

Update: TVTY win MIPCube #LABS Competition. 

TVTY, a French second screen advertising start up, took gold in the MIPCube Lab competition. The judges cited the company’s innovation and success in securing blue chip clients as reasons for them winning. VAN’s interview with CEO Elliot Reilhac will be posted tomorrow. 

Eliott TVTY

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