Week in Review: ClipKit Now Third for Volume in Germany, Second Screen Consolidation, Super Bowl Round-Up

It’s Super Bowl week, so we’ve included some of this year’s best commercials. Other news highlights from the world of video and connected TV advertising come courtesy of Clipkit, GetGlue, Yahoo!, Google, Shazam, IntoNow and Videology.  To stay up to date and have the latest industry news and insights delivered straight to your inbox, sign up for the weekly VAN newsletter.

Syndication Clipkit Now Third for Video Volume in Germany

ClipkitClipkit, a video syndication and monetisation company, is now in third place in the German market for video volume — just behind Google and Facebook. Clipkit gave a reach of 9.323 million unique viewers in Germany, representing almost 20 percent of German video users. Clipkit have syndication technology that taps into new reach by providing video content to publishers who haven’t offered video before.

The company will often then have an arrangement to help the publisher monetise that content by selling the inventory programmatically, and geo, content, and behavioural targeting is enhanced via a partnership with Nugg.ad.

“In order to become a viable competitor against TV, video content needs to be made accessible on every website”, says Mathias Blüm, Managing Director of clipkit. “The key to achieving this in the future is data-driven video content syndication. Higher reach, more frequent and longer use values are realized once more and more publishers embed video players, which are equipped with the right content already.”

Second Screen Consolidation Continues Apace

The second screen space has been crying out for consolidation since day one. While there’s no doubt that this slice of the industry has a future, we’ve seen far too many companies fighting over a relatively small pie. As LostRemote have pointed out, in the last week alone, we’ve seen GetGlue rebrand as ‘tvtag’, Yahoo! pull down the shutters on IntoNow, while Viggle acquired Dijit Media.

One of the companies many analysts remain bullish about is Shazam, who are now putting their data to work by using Facebook retargeting for audience extension. expand their reach and frequency.

Profits Up, Profits Down

Sky’s Profits are Up (partly driven by Connected TV)
Amazon are Profits Up
Google’s Profits were Up for the Last Quarter
Yahoo’s Profits are Down, But Revenue is Up

Super Bowl Round Up

You have to hand it to the Americans. American football is a sport that few other nations understand, let alone pay attention to, yet the hype surrounding the annual final spills over their borders and engulfs much of the Western world. Even you don’t watch it, the chances are that you’re already aware the Super Bowl is taking place, and if you aren’t you do now and will be hearing more about it between now and Sunday.

Traditionally the hype has surrounded the game itself and the celebrity-riddled half time show, but over the last few years the Super Bowl commercials have become a cultural phenomenon in their own right. In fact, a recent Nielsen study found that 51 percent of people only tune in to watch the commercials. Put that in your ‘people hate interruptive advertising’ pipe and smoke it. Here are some of the better ones:

The Andrex Puppy Finds Love with Budweiser

Newcastle Brown Ale’s Anti-Super Bowl Commercials

The Muppets Steal a Car

Volkswagen’s Wings

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