The TV Industry and the Template of Doom

The TV industry has defied a long line of analysts and pundits by refusing to follow the template of doom created for it by the music and print industries. The narrative is a familiar one: the Internet levels the playing field by enabling a host of new entrants to enter the TV market, then the incumbents cling to their traditional business models until it’s too late, resulting in the rapid demise of the dinosaurs. However, TV has played out differently. Whether it’s Google, Samsung, Apple or Intel, if there’s one thing we’ve learned it’s that having a glossy interface isn’t enough – you need quality content, and lots of it.

While the TV industry is far from being in the clear and will face numerous challenges in the coming years, it’s still doing a better than most people think, especially in the US. Yet the myths surrounding the demise of the TV industry have endured, as do the sensationalist headlines. Here Alan Wolk, Global Lead Analyst at Piksel, provides a counterweight with this excellent slideshow, explaining why the Pay TV industry is still going strong: 

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