Week in Review: LiveRail’s RTB Pods, Videology’s Contextual Tools, Ebuzzing’s Native Ad Platform

Here’s an overview of what has been happening in the video world over the last week, with highlights from LiveRail, Videology, Adap.tv, Ebuzzing and Unruly. To stay up to date and have the latest industry news and insights delivered straight to your inbox, sign up for the weekly VAN newsletter.


LiveRail, a sell-side video ad platorm, has launched what it says is the industry’s first ‘RTB-based pod management tool’, giving publishers the ability to traffic more than one video ad in a sequenced group, similar to a TV commercial break, programmatically. The company says pods enable publishers to create more impressions without needing to increase the number of viewers or content streams played, while also creating more pricing and placement options for advertisers.

Videology Brings Contextual Targeting to Digital Video Advertisers in Europe

Videology, a video advertising platform provider, has launched a contextual video targeting solution for advertisers and agencies. Videology has partnered with TriVu Media to develop ‘Xtract Video’, which enables buyers  to target based on the content of the video itself, allowing brands to identify and place ads within specific video content beyond the URL level.

Adap.tv Release State of the Industry Report

Adap.tv have released their quarterly state of the industry report. Key highlights include:

  • 86% of brands anticipate an increase in video ad spend in 2014
  • 60% of buyers will be purchasing programmatically across all screens in 2014
  • 7 out of 10 agencies are buying mobile video today
  • CPMs have risen 7% YOY; inventory availability also has increased by more than 33%

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Ebuzzing combats ‘banner blindness’ with introduction of native advertising platform

Ebuzzing has launched a native advertising platform which they say will enable advertisers and agencies to overcome banner blindness by embedding video advertising units within editorial content. Ebuzzing also use semantic contextual software which they say enables buyers to target the right audience with the right ad in the right context in real-time.

Unruly Say 40 Percent of the One Thousand Most Shared Vines Came from Brands

Forty per cent of the 1,000 most shared Instagram videos last month came from brands say Unruly, a social advertising platform, suggesting that brands have embraced the platform since its launch in June. Unruly also found that:

  • The most shared brand on Instagram Video was MTV, with 84 videos in the top 1,000, attracting a total of 134,110 shares altogether across Facebook, Twitter and the blogosphere. Other brands to appear in the top 5 were the NBA, Peanuts and GoPro;
  • The most popular verticals in the top 1,000 were Entertainment and Clothing & Apparel;
  • Peanuts’ Snoopygram (26,962) was the most shared branded video on Instagram, followed by EA Sport’s FIFA 14 real-time spot (16,499) and a promo for HBO’s popular TV show Girls (15,376);
  • 9 out of 10 Instagram video shares occurred on Facebook;
  • 14 of the top 20 most shared user-generated Instagram videos came from Justin Bieber, with his top three videos generating a total of 522,029 shares. 

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