Week in Review: Twitter Announces IPO, Facebook’s Video Tests, Xaxis TV, Bots Cost Billions, ITV Partner with Brainient

It has been a huge week for big announcements in online video, with highlights from Twitter, MoPub, Xaxis, Solve Media, Brainient and ITV. To stay up to date and have the latest industry news and insights delivered straight to your inbox, sign up for the weekly VAN newsletter.

Twitter Buys MoPub, Announces IPO 

Twitter has announced it initial public offering (IPO) in what will be the biggest tech IPO since Facebook. The announcement comes just one week after the company acquired Mopub, a mobile ad exchange. The announcement was made via a Tweet from the Twitter’s own Twitter account:

On the MoPub deal, Antonio Garcia, a former Facebook product manager and was creator and builder of Facebook Exchange (FBX), Facebook’s real-time bidding ad exchange, wrote an excellent post outlining ‘Why Twitter Buying MoPub Is a Very Big Deal‘.

Facebook Tests the Water with a ‘New Way to Watch Video’

Facebook have revealed how they’re going to start experimenting with introducing auto-play video to the news feed. Initially, video can only be distributed by individuals (personal Facebook accounts or verified pages) and through the pages of musicians and bands. Once users are familiar with video, Facebook say they’ll ‘explore how to bring videos to marketers in the future.

Xaxis Launch Xaxis TV

Xaxis, WPP’s audience buying platform, have announced the launch of ‘Xaxis TV’ which they say will allow advertisers to programmatically buy premium inventory across ‘dozens’ of brand-safe, broadcast-quality media properties. Brian Gleason, managing director of Xaxis North America, said “We are not only creating new channels and formats for audience buying, we are connecting them, via our DMP, to the broadcast metrics advertisers already understand.  The ability to measure activities across all channels together in a single location provides a clear competitive advantage for our clients.”

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Global Bot Traffic to Waste Up to £6 Billion in Ad Budgets 

Solve Media – a human verfication company – claim that suspicious activity has been increasing internationally for both web and mobile platforms – from 43% to 46% for web advertising and from 29% to 35% for mobile advertising. For the second quarter, bot traffic patterns remained consistent in a range of 24% to 29% for web advertising and 11% to 14% for mobile advertising. S

Solve Media say their security engineers have found the problem is particularly prevalent in video, where budgets are increasing and the risk of non-human audience is growing. A geographic analysis revealed that China, Venezuela, and Ukraine had the highest levels of suspicious activity in the display category and Singapore, Macau and Qatar had the highest levels of suspicious activity in mobile. In the UK, suspicious web activity reached 44% and suspicious mobile activity hit 32%. This is higher than in the US, where suspicious web activity reached 43% and suspicious mobile activity reached 22%.

Brainient and ITV Partner on Interactive Video Formats

ITV, the UK’s leading commercial broadcaster, has partnered with UK interactive video company Brainient to launch new interactive video formats for ITV Commercial’s digital properties. ITV Commercial launched their first interactive format, Ad Explore, in February 2012 and will now be adding a variety of new interactive formats through their partnership with Brainient.

Long-form Content is Growing at Half the Rate of Short-Form Long-form content is growing at half the rate of short-form content, according to Freewheel’s quarterly Video Monetization Report. The study also found that thirty second ads now comprise almost 50% of all ad views, with viewers completing :15 and :30 second ads at nearly identical rates. Mobile continues to show strong growth comprising 13.2% of all views in Q2. However, monetization has been a challenge, with mobile totaling only 5.6% of total ad views. Finally, the report also found it might be worthwhile for pure-play digital publishers to consider longer ad loads:

Scope for Increasing Ad Load 

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