Week in Review: Top Stories from Twitter, Smartclip, SpotXchange, Ratuken, Viki and Unruly

Here’s an overview of the week’s big stories in online video, with highlights from Twitter, Smartclip, SpotXchange, Ratuken, Viki and Unruly. To stay up to date and have the latest industry news and insights delivered straight to your inbox, sign up for the weekly VAN newsletter.

Bruce Daisley Promoted to Country Manager for Twitter in the UK

Bruce Daisley has been promoted to the top job at Twitter for the UK as former country manger Tony Wang returns home to the US.

Smartclip and LG Find High Interaction Rates for Smart TV Ads

Smartclip, a video platform, has published the results of their study into the impact of Smart TV advertising in collaboration with LG. The study found that UK 40 percent of UK Smart TV users have been using it for entertainment and news; that 69 percent watch Smart TV during the evening during prime time; and 78% said that connectivity is one of the main reasons they looked to purchase a Smart TV device.

Interaction rates on Smart TV were also high. Half of the study’s Smart TV users say that they have already interacted with an ad and 31 per cent of people engage in an action as a result of watching a Smart TV ad, while 24% search for more information on the product or brand and 20% talk about the product or brand to others.

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SpotXchange  and IHS Publish Study on the State of Programmatic Video in Europe

Compulsory reading for anyone in European video advertising.

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Ratuken, the ‘Japanese Amazon’, Acquires Viki, a Video Streaming Service

Ratuken, the Japanese ecommerce giant owned by billionaire CEO, Hiroshi Mikitani, has acquired Viki, a premium video streaming service. Commenting on the deal, Mikitani said “Viki is a one-of-kind company with an entirely unique approach to video streaming that is truly global and truly engaging. They are fast, agile, and highly mobile. Their smart and creative approach to bringing popular content to global audiences will enable Rakuten to move quickly into new markets around the world.”

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Apple Ads Only Account for 9% of Smartphone Shares

Unruly has released some interesting data on how content is across various devices. The video seeding company found that Apple ads only account for 9.4% of smartphone video shares, while Samsung ads dominate the smartphone market, attracting more than half of the total number of shares. However, Samsung’s dominance is largely due to sheer number of videos launched. On average, it took Samsung ads 35 views to generate a share compared with Blackberry (1:11), Apple (1:23), Nokia (1:26) and Sony (1:34). In terms of overall shares, Nokia was second with 17.4%, while Apple was third with only 9.4%.

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