Rightster Announces Plans for £15 Million IPO

Rightster, a video syndication company, has announced that it intends to raise approximately £10 million to £15 million through an Initial Public Offering on the AIM market of the London Stock Exchange. The AIM market helps smaller and growing companies raise the capital they need for expansion.

Rightster are one of a number of content distribution companies who have emerged in response to the fragmented online video market. The model solves problems for a few different players in the market: content owners make additional revenue by making their content on a licenced, ad-funded, direct to consumer or paid placement basis; publishers can have access to premium content without having to revenue pay up-front costs (when content is provided on a revenue sharing basis); and advertisers gain access to additional premium supply via the ad network.

The company’s network was launched in May 2011 and clients include The Press Association and The Guardian, The British Fashion Council, and Conde Nast, Sports News Television (SNTV) and The Australian Football League, Barcroft and Viral Spiral. The company, founded by CEO Charlie Muirhead, has approximately 200 employees across 11 offices in 10 countries.

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