RTÉ Selling ‘Almost 100%’ of International VOD Inventory Programmatically

RTE[Correction: the original article stated that RTE was selling all of its inventory programmatically, when in fact they are only selling their international – i.e. non-Irish – inventory programmatically. The article has since been corrected accordingly]RTÉ, Ireland’s national broadcaster, is selling almost all of its international video inventory via private marketplaces. The broadcaster say that selling programmatically on the Adap.tv platform has allowed them to tap into additional revenue streams from buyers outside Ireland in regions such as the UK and US, and achieve fill rates of almost 100 percent.  

Thus far, selling programmatically hasn’t had a deflationary effect on the value of the inventory and all of the current prices are aligned with those achieved domesticaly by its direct sales teams. The RTÉ private marketplace has been set up as an invitation-only environment that allows the broadcaster to control access to inventory, set floor prices and forecast demand for its inventory.

Conor Mullen, commercial director at RTÉ Digital, said: “Working with Adap.tv provides us with direct access to premium brands and the ability to generate high yields from all of our premium video inventory. The company’s innovative approach also sees it offer GRP-comparable metrics (via Nielsen’s Online Campaign Ratings), which is growing to be an everyday measurement language making it easier to quantify the value of video-on-demand (VOD). The quality of the environment we offer combined with the ease of access to target audiences provided by Adap.tv technology is a combination that big brand advertisers value.”

“RTÉ is pioneering the successful use of private marketplaces to realise the true value of premium video inventory,” said Brian Fitzpatrick, managing director at Adap.tv Europe. “The outstanding results it has achieved demonstrate that buyers are willing to pay premium prices for premium inventory, regardless of how that inventory is sold. It is also proof that programmatic trading can command high rates and provide a cost-effective solution for broadcasters looking to generate revenue outside their core market.”

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