Week in Review: Apple’s Video Ads, Facebook Delays Video Launch, LiveRail Integrates OCR Ratings

Here’s an overview of the week’s leading video advertising news stories, with highlights from Apple’s new video ads, Facebook’s delayed video ads and BARB’s decision to embrace video ads. If you’d like to receive a weekly summary of industry news delievered straight to your inbox, simply subscribe here.

Apple to Run Video Ads on Apple TV via iTunes Radio

Apple’s iAd will start to run video ads on iOS devices, Mac, PC and Apple TV this autumn. However, it seems Apple will just be dipping its toe in video initially as the video formats will only be available to buy on iTunes Radio. So while this will technically allow Apple to run ads on the living room screen for the first time, this certainly isn’t Apple’s big move into video and TV.

Apples iAd Video Ads

Facebook Delay Video Ads Until Autumn, Hit One Million Active Advertisers

Facebook have delayed the launch of their video ads which won’t go live until mid-October, reports Ad Age. The delay is thought to be related to the fact that the company has decided they want to launch other products alongside the video ads, but those products are still in development. The social platform also announced it now has one million active advertisers and released some impressive data on its reach across the UK and Europe.

Smartclip to Exclusively Represent Philips Connected TV Inventory

Smartclip, the Adconion-owned video ad platform Adconion’s the global marketing platform for digital video advertising on multiscreen offerings, has an exclusive global partnership with TP Vision, the company behind the Philips TV brand. Smartclip has already been marketing and serving ads into the Philips Smart TV portal, including the home page and pages such as the app gallery.The cooperation of the Philips Smart TV offer includes Western Europe and Russia.

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BARB Partner with Kantar Media to Track Viewers Consuming IP-Delivered Content

BARB (Broadcasters’ Audience Research Board) have partnered with Kantar Media to collect and report census data for online TV viewing in the UK across all devices. The partnership forms part of BARB’s plan to track the number of viewers downloading or streaming TV content across computers, smartphones and tablets, enabling the measurement company to combine to report on IP-delivered content as well as over the air transmissions. The latter still represents the majority of television viewing in the UK’s 26 million TV households.

LiveRail Integrates Sell-Side Tool to for Nielsen’s OCR Ratings, Streamlines Workflow

LiveRail has announced two new features that integrate Nielsen OCR metrics directly into the platform. The first feature is in-flight campaign reporting which allows publishers to retrieve Nielsen metrics on a nightly basis. Secondly, a new OCR Planner will allow publishers to run a series of diagnostics on their inventory to understand audience composition as measured by Nielsen. Liverail say the diagnostic information can be used as both a sales tool and to more effectively target Nielsen enabled campaigns to the best matching inventory. Liverail also announced some additional new features to assist with vetting ads and mobile monetisation.

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