Putting Smart Hub Centre Stage Hasn’t Led to a Surge in Samsung Connected TV Inventory…Yet

SamsungAnyone who watches connected TV advertising closely might be curious about whether Samsung’s decision to make its own Smart Hub the default screen when you turn on the TV – regardless of which box the user has connected to it – has resulted in masses of new Samsung inventory flooding into the connected market. Well, various sources have reported to VAN that it hasn’t, but most say they weren’t expecting it to either…or at least not just yet.

While Samsung are leading the smart TV market, the change only applies to 2013 Samsung TVs, and there are obviously still relatively few devices of those devices on the market. Owners of 2012 models would have to pay somewhere between £200 and £250 for an upgrade kit in order to access the new Smart Hub and to have the new voice and gesture functionality.

With two new consoles being launched in 2013 and Apple TVs going for £99, it’s difficult to see many users of the 2012 model choosing to spend the kind of money that would buy you a small television. However, VAN would maintain that in the medium term, the decision to put Smart Hub front and centre remains a hugely significant strategic move.

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