Now More than 3000 On Demand Video Services in Europe

EuropeThe European Audiovisual Observatory has identified 3,087 on-demand services across Europe, with 2,733 of those residing within the European Union. The research looked at catch-up TV, newspapers’ video services and all of the various kinds of VoD services and economic models, whether financed by advertising, pay per view, direct subscription or bundled with broadcaster packages.

Number of European Film Services

The study found there are 447 film VoD services (or 18% of the total available, but only the larger media markets appear able to sustain a large number of film VoD services. 48 of those are established in the UK, 34 in France and 33 in Germany. Four countries have a relatively large number of services compared to their size, mainly because they play host to services that are targeting multiple markets. Luxembourg, for example, has 86 services, Sweden has 36 and the Czech Republic has 31.

The main reason Luxembourg appears to be a European VOD powerhouse is because it hosts the iTunes Stores for all of the other European markets (apart from Romania), and also serves Africa, the Middle East and Asia. Netflix, which thus far has only been rolled out in the United Kingdom and the Nordic countries, is also based in the Grand Duchy.

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