Simulmedia Publish Data on What Top TV Advertisers are Paying (and are Getting for their Money)

Simulmedia, a US-based TV ad targeting platform, has launched a new initiative that will allow open up access to reach, frequency and cost performance data on national TV campaigns from more than 100 US advertisers. The company’s Open Access Project will allow free access on the Simulmedia website to data that could potentially be used for competitor analysis by brands, agencies and any company selling TV or perhaps even video advertising.

So, for example if you wanted to find out what kind of reach and frequency the Apple iPad TV Campaign was getting, and wanted to find out how much share of voice it was achieving in comparison with a key competitor – take the Microsoft Surface, for example – you’d get something like this:

Open Access Screenshot

Simulmedia say it will be be expanded over the next month to include more than 300 national advertisers and data from more than two years of TV campaigns. Users will be able to access reach and frequency charts for each campaign by month and by different target audiences, the share of voice comparisons for each market competitor, the reach contributions by each TV network on the campaign as well as the cost-per-reach points for each network.

“Audience fragmentation across channels, timeslots and devices has made TV advertising much less efficient than it used to be. Two-thirds of TV spots today in the U.S. are wasted and don’t need to be” says Dave Morgan, Simulmedia’s CEO. “Our mission is to show exactly which ones they are and how brands and agencies can avoid that kind of waste while continuing to harness the power of TV’s reach capabilities. This kind of information with this granularity and transparency has never before been offered to the advertising and media marketplace.”

“TV advertising is about to become a lot more open, transparent and less wasteful,” said Dave Morgan, CEO of Simulmedia, whose company’s core product is based around data-driven TV advertising. “TV’s capacity to reach US consumers with impactful messaging is still unparalleled, but it needs more openness and to better leverage data to achieve its full potential.”

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